Schematic Capture : Various Convenient Functions

File Back Annotation

File-Based Back Annotation for References / Pins

The File Back Annotation command is used to synchronize your PCB design back to your schematic design by a back-annotation file(*.csv / *.txt). This is available for the references / pins(Gate / All) of components. With a back-annotation file, you can pass annotation changes from your PCB designed with other CAD systems back to your schematics in Quadcept.

Edit Reference Using CSV File Pass Changes to Schematic


File Back Annotation (Reference / Pin)
The following explains how to pass changes made to references / pins back to your schematic design with a back-annotation file(*.csv / *.txt).
The following steps explains how to change the references from C1 to C3, from C2 to C1 and from C3 to C2 as an example.
(1) Open a schematic sheet and then select [Project]
>>[File Back Annotation].
(2) A dialog entitled "File Back Annotation" will open.

Check the item(s) you wish to pass the changes of and then click to choose a back-annotation file.
(Ex.Check "Reference" and then click to select a back-annotation file. You cannot choose the file if the checkbox is not checked.)
* About Sample File
The "Sample File" button allows you to export a sample file available for File Back Annotation.
* You can export a sample file for "Reference", "Swap Pin(Gate Components)" or "Swap Pin(All Components)".
(3) Choose a back-annotation file and then click "OK".

=>The changes will be passed back to the schematic sheet.

File Back Annotation passes only the changes made to components. (Symbols are not supported.)
・Component pins are not swapped if they are not placed on a schematic sheet.
・To perform the back annotation for references and pins at the same time, you need to describe the changed references in the back-annotation file for pins.