Quadcept : Creating Footprints

Extra: Configuring the Assembly Area and Height

An assembly area can be specified when creating a footprint. If you do not specify the area, it will be automatically set based on the position of silk and pad objects in a footprint.

Configuring an Assembly Area
The following will explain how to specify an assembly area.
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Assembly Area]
=> [Polygon Assembly Area]

* You can also select "Rectangle Assembly Area" and "Circle Assemble Area".
(2) Click at each corner of an assembly area and create its shape.

* For more details about the drawing method, refer to Operations when Drawing Planes.
An assembly area is created.
(3) Double-click the "Assembly Area".
=> The Assembly Area dialog will be displayed.
(4) Set a component height and layer.

The assembly area is a DRC error target for the Keep Out Area, which has a Height Limit.
Height information is reflected for performing Export IDF.