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Copy between Databases

The Copy between Databases command allows copying objects between a QDB (Quadcept database) currently in use and another QDB. You can easily copy data when you are using different QDB depending on a client or division.

Copying Objects between Databases
The following explains how to copy objects between QDBs.
(1) Click [File]
->[Copy between Databases].
(2) Select a QDB file on the Open dialog and then click OK.

=>A window entitled "Copy between Databases" will appear.
(3) After selecting objects you want to copy, specify a location to import them to and then click the -> button or the <- button.

* After selecting directories, you can also copy all the objects in the location by clicking the -> with ALL button or the <- with ALL button.

(4) An overwrite confirmation window will appear when there is an object with the same ID. Select Overwrite Save or Save as another ID to save the file.
The selected objects will be copied to the specified location.


Copy between Databases Dialog Description

Copy between Databases Dialog

Item Description


Allows specifying the type of object to be displayed in the list.

Shows the favorite setting of an object.


Shows an object name.

Updated Date

Shows the last modified date of an object.


Shows the number of changes of an object.


Shows an object ID.

Include Subdirectories

Shows the objects in sub directories if a selected folder includes sub directories.