Schematic Capture : Adding Memos

Creating Notes

It is possible to paste Note Memos to drawings.


Placing a Note
The following will explain how to place a note.
-1 Click [Draw]
=> [Memo]
=> [Note].

=> The "Note" dialog will open.

-2 Input a Title.
-3 Input the contents.
-4 Click "OK".
-5 Click the location on the schematic where you want to place it.


Each Operation for Drawing Notes

The following will explain each operation for drawing a note.

Selecting the Note Menu
Exiting Note Mode


Selecting the Note Menu

Select [Draw] => [Memo] => [Note]

There are several other ways to perform this. Refer to About Executing Menus.


Folding Notes

By folding a note, it is possible to show only the title portion.
This allows for a wider design area to be shown, and allows you to open it and confirm the contents only when necessary.

Before Folding a Note After Folding a Note


Exiting Note Mode

The following is the operation for exiting Note mode.

Right click, Select => [Cancel]
* Press "Escape" on the keyboard