Quadcept : Linkage with Digi-Key

Ordering Digi-Key Components

Through the Digi-Key BOM window, you can order components directly with Digi-Key's website if Digi-Key Part Numbers are registered with components in Quadcept. Also, the parts that are ordered with Digi-Key can be exported as a BOM.

Ordering Digi-Key Components
The following will explain how to order Digi-Key components from the Digi-Key BOM window.

Click [BOM Settings].
*For details about how to open the BOM window, refer to here.


Click [Add].


Select [Digi-Key Part Number] on the [Add Attribute] dialog and click [OK].


As the [Digi-Key Part Number] is added on the [Attribute List], click [OK].


Click [Digi-Key].

If there is a part into which the detailed information on a Digi-Key component has not yet been read, the information will be automatically input when opening the [Digi-Key BOM] dialog.

Items during a read operation are indicated by pink color.

*The maximum number of readable items is 20 at a time.


Set order information such as Orders and Country, and click [Add to Cart].
*For details about the [Digi-Key BOM] window, refer to Digi-Key BOM Screen Description.

Digi-Key's website will be opened on a browser and the components will be added to the cart automatically.

Please note that the cost displayed on the [Digi-Key BOM] window might be different from actual one because it is a rough standard.

Only the components with [Digi-Key Part Number] are displayed on the [Digi-Key BOM] window and can be ordered with Digi-Key.


Digi-Key BOM Screen Description

Digi-Key BOM Screen

Item Description


Enter the number of kits(the number of boards you will create) to order.


A rough standard of cost per kit is displayed.

Total Kit Cost

A rough standard of total cost computed by multiplying cost per kit by the number of kits is displayed.


Choose your country.

Add to Cart

Opens Digi-Key's website on a browser and adds the components to the cart.


Checking or unchecking this box allows you to change the order status.
Checked     :  The component will be ordered.
Unchecked  :  The component will not be ordered.

Display Item Settings

Allows you to specify items to display on the [Digi-Key BOM] window.


Exports the BOM displayed on the [Digi-Key BOM] window as a file. It will be exported in CSV format.