Quadcept : License Management

License Management

For users who purchased the product version, it is possible to change the License acquisition status.
The PCB design license is not required for designing schematics, so if this is released temporarily, it can be used by other users.
By switching the License usage, utilization with the minimum number of licenses is possible.
It is possible to configure settings so that when Quadcept closes, the License will automatically be released.

About opening the License Management screen, see here.

License Management Screen


*Cautions when Using a License*

- If different users log in and acquire licenses, the first person to acquire it has priority, and if the maximum number of licenses is reached,
 a licenses cannot be acquired.
- If the same user logs in and acquires a license, the terminal that acquired it later has priority.
- If communication is lost such as by the terminal going to sleep, the License will automatically be released.
 (If the sleep status continues for 30 minutes or longer, login will be requested again.)
- If the Quadcept server cannot be accessed due to a network problem or maintenance, etc., a License cannot be acquired.