PCB Layout CAD : Exporting (CAMs, Drills, Component Coordinates, etc.)

Export ODB++

The following will explain how export ODB++ files.

For more details about ODB++ files and settings, refer to "ODB++" in PCB Settings.

ODB++ files contain various information including Component Coordinate Information, Net Information, and Drill Information.
Therefore, board manufacturing can be done using only the ODB++ file, which is different from when using Gerber data that requires preparation of multiple files.

Information included in ODB++ Files

- Data for Manufacturing (Including Board Outline, Gerbers, and Drills)
- Component Information (Including Coordinates/Shapes)
- Net Connection Information
 * With Quadcept, the BOM is not exported.


Export ODB++
The following will explain how to export an ODB++.
(1) Select [Project]
=> [ODB++]
=> [Export ODB++].

=> The folder selection screen will open.
(2) Select a folder and then click the "Select Folder" button.
(3) A message will be displayed. Click the "OK" button.
The ODB++ file will be exported to the folder.