PCB Layout CAD : Finishing Work

Create Board Slit

Slit import for ensuring the creeping distance between opposite polarities, Create Board Slit for panelization, and perforation import,
which formerly took much time to create using combinations of lines and arcs, can now be created quickly similar to importing lines.
* For those who want to view the video in a larger screen setting:http://https://youtu.be/2GmExzYZwMI

Create Board Slit
The following will explain how to create a Board Slit.
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Create Board Slit].

=> It moves to Create Board Slit mode.


(2) Set the Line Width using the Shortcut "W" key, and then click "OK".
=> You can specify the Slit import Line Width.
(3) Draw a line at the location where you want to import the Slit.
=> After importing, the outline of the Line Width of the line will be converted to a Board Outline.
(4) Create Board Slit is completed.