PCB Layout CAD : Create Plane

Plane Types

The plane is the polygon copper area on the board, and it is sometimes referred to as the Copper.
By creating a plane, you can reinforce GNDs, power supplies and routes with large currents.
There are the following types of Quadcept planes.

- Dynamic Planes
- Static Planes
- Cutouts

Dynamic Plane

For objects outside the Net Name set in the drawn area, Clearance is created automatically,
and for objects with the same Net Name, auto connection is done according to the contents in the "Dynamic Plane Connection" setting in PCB Settings.
This is done for all including power supply nets, and it is good for executing updates each time, etc.
* The screen for confirming whether to delete Unconnected Planes when this is executed is displayed. When Unconnected Planes are not necessary, select Delete.

In addition, when you manually execute Clearance calculation again, select a Plane, right-click, and select "Rebuild Plane".
(* The Shortcut Key "I" is assigned.)

Example Dynamic Plane (Blue Plane)

Cases when thermal creation is not done by Dynamic Plane

- When Customize Pad is the target
- When the Cutout Area includes all/some thermals
- When the Keep Out Area (including Additional Clearance) includes all/some thermals
- When the number of Thermal Connections to the Dynamic Plane is 1, the Plane is treated as an Unconnected Plane, so Thermal Connection does not occur

Definition of Unconnected Plane

- There is not even 1 same Net object connection
- When there is only 1 Thermal Connection, it is also considered an Unconnected Plane
- The object connection target also includes planes (portion with Copper)
- For Non Connection or for only 1 Thermal Connection, it is deleted as an Unconnected Plane

When there is only 1 Thermal Connection, connection is not performed because there is the possibility that it may become an antenna.
When you want to perform explicit connection, connect Pads/Vias to the plane using routing.


Static Plane

Fills the whole drawn area.
This is good for when the shape does not change such as for partial reinforcement of routes.

Example Static Plane (Red Plane)



Cutout is used for when you want to more Clearance, and for areas where you do not want to generate planes such as portions that do not need planes.
By placing this in a plane, it is possible to forcefully cutout the plane area.

Cutout Plane (Surrounding Mounting Hole)