Schematic Capture : Flow and Configuration for Schematic Design

Circuit Designer

This is an application for creating and editing electronic circuit drawings.
It includes many convenient functions such as the ability to create a Component List (BOM) used for schematics, to export schematic connection information (Netlists), and other functions for quickly creating accurate schematics.

Be sure to use the many convenient functions available in Circuit Designer.

<Introduction to Functions>

Auto Wiring + Parallel Wiring
By simply clicking two pins, wiring can be done automatically while avoiding obstacles (components, etc.).
It is also possible to perform multiple wiring at the same time using Parallel Wire.


Maintaining Wire Connections while Moving
When moving components or pins, in order to completely prevent wiring disconnection, wiring is automatically interpolated for maintaining smooth wiring.


Device Block
It is possible to save blocked schematics that were created and proven in the past.
When making new designs, proven circuit blocks can be used among projects, and designs can be shared.


Show Net/Pin Information
It is possible to display and confirm connection information (Net, Reference, Pin No., Pin Name, Electrical Characteristics, and Remarks) for the Net connected to the selected object as a list in real time.


PCB Design Instructions/Transferring
Various Design Instructions intended by the circuit designer can be input to the data.


share (Shared Component Library)
Schematics can be created quickly using "Components" stored in the cloud server managed by Quadcept without the need to prepare components.


Component Search
Components can be searched for by setting detailed conditions such as the Component File Name, Attributes, and Favorites, making it possible to quickly find the desired component from among the many components.


Editing Pin Lists/Attributes
Component Information such as Pin Name and attributes can be easily pasted using Copy and Paste from a text editor or Excel.
Data Sheet contents can be pasted directly, which is convenient.


Connection Point (Single Point Earth)
Using the "Connection Point Function" where two different GNDs are integrated into a single point, it becomes outside the DRC Target when designing PCBs.
Visual checking is no longer necessary, which shortens routing work time.


It is possible to perform electrical rule checks for confirming that there are no problems with an electronic design drawing such Pin to Pin Electrical Characteristics Checks,  
and layout checks for checking visibility as a schematic such as text overlapping and whether the component reference name is disconnected.


Real-time Component Point Count/Cost Calculation
While designing, it is possible to continuously confirm the aggregate Components, Pins, and Cost (price).


Data Conversion
It is possible to utilize data resources by reading other company CAD circuit drawing and component data.
(CR5000 SD, OrCAD, Protel, Altium)


Various Netlist Formats
It is compatible with various type of Netlists.
With NET CHANGER, it is also possible to perform Netlist conversion and comparison verification.