Quadcept : Ultra Librarian

Import Ultra Librarian

In Quadcept, you can import a library file output from Ultra Librarian.

After running the export to Quadcept in Ultra Librarian, a *.xml file will be generated.

Import Ultra Librarian
The following explains how to import a library exported from Ultra Librarian into Quadcept.
(1) Select [File]
->[Import Ultra Librarian].
(2) A window entitled "Open" will appear. Select the *.xml file exported by Ultra Librarian and then click "OK".
The file will be processed.
(3) You'll be presented with a window labeled "Import Quadcept File". Choose a desired library at the left side, select a location to save it to at the right side and then click the "->" button.

=> The selected library will be imported into Quadcept.

* If you click on the "-> ALL" button, all the libraries in the file will be imported into the selected location.