Quadcept : Convenient Functions

Move Selected Objects

This is a function for moving selected objects.
Move Origin Point becomes the GUIDE closest to the cursor when the menu is selected.
Wire connections are maintained when you move electric objects such as components, symbols, power supplies, and wires.
* To move pins and components based on the pin point when moving, go to Draw (Schematic), and in the "Move" section, enable "Move pins and parts based on pin point".

Move Selected Objects
The following will explain how to move a selected object.
(1) Select the object that you want to move
(2) Right click
Click => [Move/Rotate/Mirror]
=> [Move Selected Objects].

* Or, press the "Return" shortcut
  The selected object will follow the cursor.
(3) Click on the location where you want to place it.

There are several other ways to move objects. For more details, refer to Move.
For more details about moving components, refer to Moving Components.