Quadcept : Creating IPC Footprints


Global allows you to configure common settings for when creating new IPC footprints.
The settings are saved in the terminal, so it does not depend on the IPC Footprint File.

About Global Settings

Item Content


Specify the Unit for when creating a new IPC footprint. Select either "mm, "mil", or "inch".

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Instead of IPC Rules, arbitrary values are used.

IPC Rules

Setting values that comply with IPC Rules are used.


"Pad" Item
Item Content

Pad to Pad (min)

Sets the minimum pad-to-pad interval.

Pad to Heat Pad (min)

Sets the minimum pad to heat pad interval.

Silk to Pad (min)

Sets the minimum silk to pad interval.

Solder Resist Distance (min)

Sets the minimum interval for solder resist (solder mask).


"Other" Item
Item Content

Silk Line Width

Sets the silk line width.

Reference Text Height

Sets the Reference text height.

Reference Text Width

Sets the Reference text width.

Assembly Line Width

Sets the line width for assembly (component final outline silk).

Solder Resist of Heat Pad (±)

Sets the oversize for solder resist for when components such as QFPs and SOPs have heat pads.


Displaying the Global Settings Screen
Configuring Global Settings
The following will explain how to configure Global Settings.
(1) Select [Settings]
=> [Settings]
(2) Click "Global"
  The Global settings screen will open.