Quadcept Maintenance

About Quadcept Maintenance

Quadcept Maintenance is a tool that permits you to confirm the information of a PC and Quadcept, configure the proxy and acquire backup and logs.

*It is installed automatically at the same time as the installation of Quadcept.

■The functions of Quadcept Maintenance■
-Confirming system information and graphic information.
-Confirming software information.
-Setting the proxy.
-Initializing the environment settings.
-Acquiring or restoring backup data.
-Acquiring or sending various log information.


Starting Quadcept Maintenance

The following will explain how to start Quadcept Maintenance.

Quadcept Maintenance needs to be started from the Windows start menu.


Open the Windows start menu.

  Select the "Quadcept" folder from the "All apps".

Select [Quadcept] >> [Quadcept Maintenance].

(3) The "Quadcept Maintenance" window will appear.       


The contents of each tab
Tab Name Description


System information and graphic information are displayed. Its contents can be updated to the current state and acquired by copy.


Software information is displayed. Its contents can be acquired by copy. Also, the storage location of Quadcept.exe can be opened.

Config Setting

The proxy can be configured.


   The environment settings in Quadcept can be initialized. Also, backup data can be acquired or restored.


   System information, software information, database meta information, real data, setting information and system log information can be acquired or sent.