Quadcept Sign

Switch License Activation

"Switch License Activation" allows you to switch the state of license activation to standalone activation without starting up Quadcept.

*The following is the necessary operations in order to start up Quadcept in a state of standalone activation from the beginning with an offline computer.

Switching to Standalone Activation
(1) After starting "Quadcept Sign", select the [Switch License Activation] and [OK] on the "Quadcept Sign" window.

*This operation needs to be performed with the PC in which you want to use Quadcept.

(2) The [Switch License Activation] window will appear.

Confirm the current license information, and that "Switch to Standalone Activation" is selected in "Activation Method".
(3) Confirm that "Switch Manually" is selected in "How to Switch".

Click the [Save] button for the "License issuance request file(*.lir)".

  *The "License issuance request file(*.lir)" is an unique file that is available only for the PC used to save its file.
(5) Name the file.
(6) Click the [Save] button.

Log in a team on the Web using "an online PC".

*Register the "license issuance request file" on a team.
*Access the log-in window of a team from here.

(8) Select [License] >> [Change of Activation Method].
(9) Select [Change to stand-alone license].
(10) Select "license".
(11) Select "User".
(12) Click the [Browse...] button.
(13) Select the file and click [Open].
(14) Click the [Confirm] button.
(15) After confirming the contents of "Change of Activation Method", click the [Submit] button.
(16) Click the [License download] button to change the activation method.

Move the license file to the PC in which "Quadcept Sign" is running.

(18) Click the [Reading] button.

Select the downloaded file and click the [OK] button.

(20) As the confirmation window will appear, click the [OK] button.