PCB Layout CAD : Routing Work

Route Interpolation

Route Interpolation is a function for automatically completing pulled routes when the cursor is on the Straight Line Coordinate of a pad while routing.
Routing can be completed without having to move the cursor to the pad, which saves a lot of time.

Application of Route Interpolation can be toggled using "Route Interpolation".

While routing Route Interpolation Applied
While drawing a route When the routing cursor is on the Straight Line of a pad,
the route is displayed, and the route is completed by double clicking.


Route Interpolation Settings
The following will explain how to change Route Interpolation Settings.
(1) In Routing Mode, change "Route Interpolation" in the Property Window.

While in Routing Mode, it is possible to toggle the Route Interpolation setting between Enabled/Invalid by right-clicking and selecting [Toggle Interpolating Route Mode].