PCB Layout CAD : PCB Verification (DRC/MRC)

Correcting Errors

The following will explain how to correct errors based on DRC/MRC results.

For correcting errors, it is possible to move the screen to the relevant location of the error, to display Errors and Warnings separately using filters, and to sort error result contents.

Error descriptions are saved in the PCB data. Data can be transferred with the error List displayed.

With Quadcept, there are various convenient functions available for correcting errors.

Error List Display
Move Screen to the Error Location
Confirm Error Description
Error List Filter
Sort Error List
Show Error Marks
Update List
Delete From List
Display Settings
Save File
Response Status
Input Comment

Error Description

About Error Descriptions, refer to Rule Check (DRC) and Rule Check (MRC).

If the same error occurs for Top, Inner, and Bottom, items will be collected into one. (In this case, "Top,Layer2,Layer3,Bottom" will be displayed in the layer.)

Functions for correcting errors
Function Name Function Description

Error List Display

Displays the DRC/MRC results as a list.

"Unconnected Net", "Clearance", "Compare Differences", and "Keep Out Area" are important check items, so if these are set as Not Applicable for the check, a warning message will be shown in red text.

You can confirm the exact number of Errors/Warnings.
Ex.) Error: 40 (not yet: 38, approved: 2) Warning: 10 (not yet: 8, approved: 2) Delete: 3

Error locations can be confirmed by error marks in a design sheet.
It is also possible to set colors for error marks according to the Response Status("Not yet" and "Approved") in "Layer Settings".

Move Screen to the Error Location

Moves a screen and displays an error location in a design sheet when an error message is clicked.
* The color of an error mark can be edited at the Color column of "System - Selected Item" in the Layer Settings.

Confirm Error Description

Double-clicking an error mark permits you to open an error list and check the relevant error description in the list.

Error List Filter

By turning the "Errors" and "Warnings" buttons ON/OFF, display of the corresponding Error List is toggled between Show/Hide.

Sort Error List

Execution results can be sorted according to each item.

Show Error Marks

You can toggle display of Error Marks ON/OFF for the whole design drawing.


You can also change the display status from the design drawing by right-clicking and selecting [Display] => [DRC Error Marks] or [MRC Error Marks].

Update List

Updates the list to the display status set in the Display Settings.
The display is updated when the response status in the Display Setting is switched to Hide, etc.
Update List can be performed using the "F5" key.

Delete From List

Deletes selected items from the list.
When DRC/MRC is run again, items that were deleted will be shown again.
The multiple items can be selected and the menu can be run from the right-click menu as well.

Display Settings

It is possible to toggle display of the list and Error Marks ON/OFF according to the Response Status "Not yet" and "Approved".
Toggle this when you want to hide items that are "Approved" list items and Error Marks.

Save File

A list of the execution results can be exported in CSV format.

Response Status

Configures the Response Status settings for "Not yet" and "Approved".
The multiple items can be selected and the setting can be configured from the right-click menu as well.

For going from "Not yet" to "Approved", the Approver and Approval Date will automatically be recorded in the Approver column.

When it becomes "Approved", if an error with the same contents occurs after rechecking, the Response Status is carried over as "Approved" and it remains in the list.
For "Approved", it is possible to input the reason for approval, etc., in the Comment box.
("Approved" items remain in the list even when the Error Description is corrected. To remove it from the list, execute "Delete From List", or return it to "Not yet", and then run DRC or MRC again.)


When the Response Status is "Approved", you can input the reason for approval, etc., as a comment.
If a check is conducted again and an error with the same contents exists, the comment is carried over and displayed while remaining "Approved".


When the Response Status is "Approved", the Approver and Approval Date will automatically be recorded.


What does it mean when the list is displayed in grey?

When an error for an item with an "Approved" Response Status is resolved, it is displayed in grey.

It remains in the list because it is approved, but the error has been resolved.
To remove the error, execute Delete From List, or return the Response Status back to "Not yet", and then run DRC or MRC again.

Right Click Menu

The right-click menu allows you to easily edit error results.

For the list, multiple selection is possible using the Ctrl key or Shift key.

Menu Name Description

Change to 'Not yet'

Changes the Response Status for the selected list item to "Not yet".

Change to 'Approved'

Changes the Response Status for the selected list item to "Approved".


Deletes the selected list item.

Delete All

Deletes all items on the list.