PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

Clearance (MRC)

Execute a check for the Clearance (Interval) between each object during the MRC check.
You can check Clearance Violations between objects such as "Routes", "Vias", and "Pads" according to the Layer and Net.

For more details about opening the DRC/MRC Settings screen, refer to About DRC/MRC Settings.

Example Clearance Settings


Configure the Clearance setting.

Configuring Clearance Settings
Configures actual settings.
  When you want to set values individually, you can input values to the textboxes.
The value at the intersection of the vertical and horizontal axes applies as the Clearance setting.
In the red box, the Clearance between "Silk" and "Solder Resist" is "0.2".
  By pressing a button, it is possible to configure batch settings vertically, horizontally, or for all.
  When the "Silk" button is pressed, the value in the first item is set for the whole column.


Clearance Settings

Specify the Clearance between objects when designing.

Example Clearance Settings

Explanation of Clearance Settings Contents
Item Name Content


By clicking "All", it is possible to change all Clearance values in the table together.

Silk Shape

Sets the Clearance value for the Silk Shape.

Silk Text

Sets the Clearance value for the Silk Text.

Solder Resist

Sets the Clearance value for the Solder Resist.


Sets the Clearance value for Copper other than Copper Text.


Sets the Clearance value for Drills when there is no Land (Copper portion) in the Via/Pad.

Board Outline

Sets the Clearance value for the Board Outline.

Copper Text

Sets the Clearance value for the Copper Text.

Input a negative number (such as -1) for items that you want place outside the check target.