Quadcept Maintenance

Config Setting

The proxy can be configured for Web connections on the "Config Setting" tab.

If the license cannot be acquired online, confirm this settings and try the communication test.

If the message "Failed to Proxy Authentication" is displayed on the log-in window of Quadcept, you will be able to acquire the license normally by configuring the proxy as follows.


Configuring proxy
The following will explain how to configure the proxy.
(1) Start "Quadcept Maintenance" and then select the "Config Setting" tab.
* For details about how to start "Quadcept Maintenance", refer to here.
  The current situation of the proxy settings will be displayed.
(2) Select any one of options in "Proxy Server".
-Do not use proxy
-Use system proxy settings
-Use Internet Explorer settings
-Manual proxy configuration
And select any one of options in "Authentication Configuration".
-Not use authenticated access
-Use the Windows credentials (user name, password, and domain)
-Manual configuration
* For further information about proxy settings, refer to Details about proxy settings.
* For further information about authentication configuration, refer to Details about authentication configuration.
(3) After configuring the proxy, check if online communication is possible by performing [Connection Test].
(4) If connection test is successfully performed, select [Overwrite] and determine the settings.


Details about proxy settings
Item Description

Do not use proxy

Performs communication without configuring the proxy.

Use system proxy settings

Performs communication with the settings of system or Internet Explorer.

Use Internet Explorer settings

If there is a pac file, the settings in it is read and used.

If there is not a pac file, communication is performed by the settings of system or Internet Explorer.

Manual proxy configuration

If the proxy cannot be configured automatically because online communication is managed by an administrator, it is necessary to configure the proxy manually.

-Address : The host name of an access point to which proxy is connected.

-Port : The port number of an access point to which proxy is connected.


Details about authentication configuration
Item Description

Not use authenticated access

Connects to the network without proxy authentication.

Use the Windows credentials (user name, password, and domain)

Authenticates a proxy server with the Windows credentials and connects to the network.

Manual configuration

This is used if authentication information needs to be configured manually.

-User name : If specifying a domain, put the delimiter character "\"

 before the account name.

e.g. domain\account-name

-Password : Input the password.


Not sure how to set up a proxy?

Please try the following steps:

・Select either "Use system proxy settings" or "Use Internet Explorer settings" in the Proxy Server section.
・Select "Not use authenticated access" in the Authentication Configuration section.

* Please note that it may take some time for the changes to be effected.

The Advanced Configuration region allows you to configure the options relating to .NET Framework and the rendering engine. It is mainly used for user support. If you are experiencing any connection errors or rendering issues, please contact our support team (support@4cept.com).