Schematic Capture : Placing Components

Component Search

When placing components using the Place Component dialog and Component Window, it is possible to search for components.
Using Component Search, it is possible to quickly find the desired component from among the many components.

With Search, you can specify detailed conditions for finding a component from the many components in the selected Directory. Components are searched by specifying conditions, etc., such as Component File Name and Attributes.
* "Symbol", "Footprint", and "IPC Footprint" search is a search for Favorites Settings and File Names.

About Advanced Items

There is the direct input to the "Component Window Search Box" method, and the method by setting search contents using the "Advanced" window.
For more details about the Component Window, see here.

Component Window Search Box

Directly input to the search box, and click the magnifying glass icon ****.
When only a character string is searched, search is executed as "File Name".


Advanced from the Component Window

Click the "Advanced" button, set search contents in the "Advanced" window, and then click "OK".


This is an option for searching components set as favorites.
* A favorite is indicated by the mark shown at the left of the component.

File Name

Search is executed using the File Name.

Search Conditions Content Example

Match All

Specify by enclosing with "^" and "$". ^XXXXX$


Specify by starting with "^". ^XXXXX

End Match

Specify by ending with "$". XXXXX$

Match Single Arbitrary Text

For a Wildcard, specify using "?". XXX?XX

Search Including Spaces

Specify by enclosing with quotation marks ("). XX XX"
Narrowed Search

Input an "Attribute", "Search Conditions", or "Value".


The following is the operation for Advanced.
-1 From the Component window, click the "Advanced" button.
  Or, click the "Advanced" button from the Component Placement Window.

  The Advanced screen will open.
-2 Click the "Add" button.
-3 Add conditions.
   It is possible to set multiple conditions.
* When inputting multiple conditions, it becomes an AND search.
-4 Click "OK".
  Only items that match the search conditions will be extracted.

- Search can also be executed by inputting conditions in the Search frame instead of selecting from Advanced, and then clicking "Search".
- For a File Name search, search can be executed by inputting a File Name into the Search frame.

When a search is executed and extraction is performed, the search frame becomes yellow as shown below.
In this case, keep in mind that the items are in extraction (filter) status.

Click the ***** icon to clear it.

Search Options

Type Setting Methods Example

File Name Search

-f=" "--file=


ID Search


(--id= can be omitted. Wildcards cannot be used.)

Search Component Attribute

"Attribute Name="

(Attributes on the left are case-sensitive, but values on the right do not distinguish case.)

Toggle Updated Date in Descending Order



Toggle Updated Date in Ascending Order



Search files edited today



Files changed in the last 24 hours



Files edited in the last 7 days


(You can use hour, day, week, month, and year.)

Files changed over one year ago


--date="-1 year

Utilizing ID Search

ID Search allows you to easily find components that have already been placed.
In addition, search can also be executed for lists of components that use a particular symbol.

Utilizing ID Search
The following will explain how to execute an ID Search.
-1 Select a component that has already been placed.
-2 Right click
Select => [Copy].
(Or, Ctrl + C)
-3 Input to the Search frame, and then click the magnifying glass icon ****.
-4 Search Results will be displayed.
  When placed components are copies, "Symbol ID Component ID" will be copied.
Therefore, search is executed for components that use the same symbol.
* If you only want to search for a component, execute a search using only the Component ID.