Quadcept Maintenance

Log Acquisition

Various logs can be acquired and sent to us on the "Log" tab.

■The information which can be acquired■
-System Log Information
-Database Meta Information
-Real Data
-Setting Information


Acquiring logs

The following will explain how to acquire various logs and send them to us.

(1) Start "Quadcept Maintenance" and then select the "Log" tab.
  The available log information will be displayed.

Select a type of log information you want to acquire from the pull-down menu on the "Log Information".

* For details about "Type", refer to Details about Type.
(3) After selecting a type of log information, press [Save As], select a destination to save and save the file.
(4) When your computer is online, it is possible to send log information to us by selecting [Send] and entering "Name", "Mail Address" and "Message".
* Even when the log information is not saved on (3), it can be sent to us by [Send].



Details about Type
Tab Name Description

System Log Information

This is the log information used in Quadcept.

Database Meta Information

This is the structural information of Quadcept database.

Real Data

This is the actual data used in Quadcept.

Setting Information

This is the setting information such as environment settings.