Quadcept DesignConverter : CR-5000 Board Designer Conversion

About *.ftf.qindex files

When you run the conversion processing, an index file(*.ftf.qindex) with the same name as the ftf file used for the conversion will be generated automatically at the same directry as that ftf file.
This is the file to ensure that QuadceptID will not change when running the conversion of ftf files repeatedly.

If you delete the index file(* .ftf.qindex)and then run the conversion processing again, the QuadceptID will alter.
Note that if QuadceptID changes, the same components might be registered because a footprint will be registered as a different footprint from the one that has been already registered,
or the functions such as updating components will not work due to the lost connection with the footprints on a PCB sheet.

-When converting different footprint ASCII files like A.ftf and B.ftf, different QuadceptIDs will be assigned even if there are footprints with the same name.
-If xxx.ftf is updated after xxx.ftf.qindex was created, xxx.ftf.qindex will be also updated.
(Footprint IDs that have been already assigned are maintained, and the IDs are assigned to added footprints only.)