Quadcept : Convenient Functions

Enabling Object Snap

Object Snap is a function for snapping (snapping of the cursor) to an object that is off from the value set in GUIDE.
If you want to place priority on the GUIDE and not the Object, turn this setting OFF.
This setting can be turned ON/OFF for both schematics and PCBs.

Object Snap Invalid

Object Snap Enabled

GUIDE settings have priority.

It snaps to the object.
The GUIDE line is displayed from the snap object target.
The snap target object is the object displayed on the screen.

About Snap Targets



- Wire: Pin point
- Wire: Wire bending angle
- Move Component: Pin point
- Move Component: Wire bending angle

- Route: Pad
- Pad: Pad
- Pad: Via
- Via: Via      
* When pressing "Ctrl" while moving a component
   Component: Component

* An "× Mark" is displayed for the snap target object.


Toggle Object Snap * Common operation for schematics and PCBs
The following will explain how to toggle the Object Snap setting.
  Toggling from the Property Window and
Toggling from the Right Click Menu
Right click
=> [Toggle Object Snap]
(Press Shortcut "O" key).