PCB Layout CAD : Placing Components

About Placing Components

Place read components in the Board Outline.
Work is required for proceeding smoothly to post-process routing work.

There are three types of components that can be placed.

- Components
- Footprints
- IPC Footprints

The following will explain each type.

Component Type Content


In addition to Footprints, Schematic Symbols and Attributes can also be set, and the format is the same layout as the actual component information.


This is footprint shape information.

IPC Footprint

This is shape information for footprints created using the IPC Footprint Wizard.

Although footprints and IPC footprints can be placed directly onto PCBs, schematic information cannot be registered.
Therefore, collaboration with schematics is not possible.
So, when design is done in collaboration with a schematic, replace footprints with components or place the components.
It is possible to perform Export Gerber and Export ODB++ even when footprints are placed directly.