PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions


The following will explain Trimming.
Trimming is sometimes referred to as chamfering.
This is a function for connecting two intersecting lines or connecting two connected lines using "Orthogonal Angle", "C cut", or "Rounding".

For Silks, etc., this is convenient to use when creating a footprint together with Relative Move.

Orthogonal Angle C cut Rounding


Trimming Method
The following will explain how to perform Trimming.
(1) Select [Edit]
=> [Trimming].
(2) Set the connection points.
(3) Click on the object that you want to connect.
(4) Click on the other object that you want to connect.
  Trimming is executed.


  When they are intersecting, the corner is trimmed.


Setting Values
When C cut = 2.54 mm When Rounding = 2.54 mm


Supported Objects

The Trimming command is available for the objects below.

Filled Objects Line/Route

・Plane (Dynamic/Static)
・Design Rule Area
・Keep Out Area
・Assembly Area
・Filled Polygon
・Filled Rectangle
・Filled Circle

・Square Route (i.e., route with its Cap Shape set as Square)
* Rounding is not supported.