Quadcept : Before Starting

What is ID Management?

Quadcept aspires to be a new cloud-based EDA by adopting a database instead of using conventional file-based management.
Management of links for design data and component data, etc., is based on IDs and not file names.

Cautions Related to ID Management

The following will explain the difference between ID management and file name management, as well as cautions related to using Quadcept.

Difference between ID Management and File Name Management

One benefit of ID management is that there is no problem when there are objects with the same name.

Cautions Related to ID Management (PLEASE READ)

1. Objects with the same name exist because it is not conventional name-based management.
2. If there is the same ID, it will be saved even if the name is changed.
  For Save As, the ID itself needs to be changed.
3. If you want to change the ID, execute Save As so that an ID will be assigned.