PCB Layout CAD : Draw 3D

Draw 3D

PCB design drawings can be made into 3D, and 3D drawing is possible.

The following will explain how to execute Draw 3D.

Draw 3D
The following will explain how to execute Draw 3D for a PCB document.
(1) Open the PCB design screen.
Select [Project]
=> [Draw 3D].
(2) A 3D document will open.


About Operations for Draw 3D

The following will explain each operation for Draw 3D.

Mouse Operation List

  Left Button Right Button Left+Right Button Together Scroll Button


Select Model Select Model - -

Double Click

Highlight Net
Display Sub Menu - -

* Move while pressing

Rotate Camera Move Camera Camera Multi Operation


- - - Upward: Zoom In
Downward: Zoom Out

SHIFT + Move

Rotate Camera
- - -

CTRL + Move

Move Light - - -


About Toggle Display

The following will explain Toggle Display when drawing in 3D.

- Check Net
- Draw Wire Frame
- Draw Component
- Draw in Layer Color
- Draw XYZ Axis
- Change Angle

Check Net

Method: Double-click an object such as a Route or Plane on the screen.

Click Sig_30 Click VCC (Draw in Layer Color ON)


To cancel the Check Net status, double-click outside of the board.


Draw Wire Frame

Method: Execute [3D] => [Draw Wire Frame] to toggle.

Draw Wire Frame OFF Draw Wire Frame ON

Draw Component

Method: Execute [3D] => [Draw Component] to toggle.

Draw Component OFF Draw Component ON

Draw in Layer Color

Method: Execute [3D] => [Draw in Layer Color] to toggle.

Draw in Layer Color OFF Draw in Layer Color ON


Draw XYZ Axis

Method: Execute [3D] => [Draw XYZ Axis] to toggle.

Draw XYZ Axis OFF Draw XYZ Axis ON


Change Angle
Zoom Out Fit
(The magnification and display position are automatically calculated to adjust the screen display so all objects in the design drawing is shown.)
Zoom In
[Window] => [Zoom Out] [Window] => [Fit] [Window] => [Zoom In]


Front Skew Rear
[3D] => [Front] [3D] => [Skew] [3D] => [Rear]


Top Bottom Left Right
[3D] => [Top] [3D] => [Bottom] [3D] => [Left] [3D] => [Right]