PCB Layout CAD : Routing Work

Route Move

"Route Move" is an enhanced route segments and corners edition feature and specializes in moving routes drawn on a PCB sheet.

Moving Drawn Routes
The following will explain how to move a route after routing with "Route Move".
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Route Move].
(2) Select a route that you want to move.
(3) Click a location where you want to place the route.
*The edition is not fixed when clicking on a placement location.

It is possible to cancel the edition and re-select the location by pressing a "Backspace" key on your keyboard or selecting "Pushback" in the right-click menu.
(4) Click any point on a sheet to fix the edition.
*You can also select multiple routes and move them together.
*After selecting multiple routes, clicking on any location on a sheet will shift to a Route Move mode.
Also, a red X mark will appear on the clicked point and it will be the origin point of moving.

"Route Move" is not applicable to square routes(routes with "Cap Shape" set as "Square").