PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions

Various Design Rule Areas

For Design Rule Areas, when the Design Rules are not for the whole board in the DRC Settings items and they differ according to the layer and area, it is possible to set areas and define them separately.

This is used for locations with narrow pitch such as connectors and FPGAs, and for locations that require primary side creeping distance with the power supply circuit.

Items for which the Design Rules can be Set according to the Design Rule Area

For objects that are targets of the Design Rule Area, the applicable condition is "Completely in the Rule Area".

Tear Drop
Dynamic Plane Connection


Methods for Using the Design Rule Area
Design Rule Area Drawing Method and Method for Setting DRC according to the Design Rule Area
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Design Rule Area]
=> [Polygon Design Rule Area]
[Rectangle Design Rule Area]
[Circle Design Rule Area].
(2) Draw a Design Rule Area.
(3) Select the drawn Design Rule Area.
(4) Input "Layer"/"Area Name".
* Settings can be configured from the Design Rule Area screen by double-clicking on the Design Rule Area.
(5) From [DRC/MRC Settings], click "Add Area" from the "Assignment" tab of the DRC item you want to set.
(6) Select a target Design Rule Area, and then click "OK".
  The setting frame for the specified Design Rule Area will be added.
(7) Select a setting in the Design Rule Area.
  For the "FPGA" Design Rule Area, "FPGASetting" are applied.