Schematic Capture : Wiring and Editing

Checking Nets

The following will explain a convenient function for when you want to confirm whether the intended Net connection is realized on the schematic.

With Quadcept, Net Information is contained in pins.
Net Information can be connected using wires, and the same Net Name is exported to the Netlist as a connection.

Method Content

Show Net/Pin Information

It is possible to display and confirm connection information (Net, Reference, Pin No., Pin Name, Electrical Characteristics, and Remarks) for the Net connected to the selected object as a list.
It is possible to reselect an object while displaying the Show Net/Pin Information screen. This allows you to perform connection while confirming the Net after wiring or while confirming the Electrical Characteristics of the pin during wiring.

Selected Component: Displays Information of the Net/Pin connected to the selected component
Selected Wire: Displays information of the Net/Pin connected to the Net of the selected wire
Wiring: Displays information of the "Net" being wired or of the "Pin" of the pulled pin

"Pin" of the Object Window

"Nets" on the schematic are displayed as a list.
When a check is placed for "Show connected pins only", Non Connection pins are excluded and the Netlist and contents can be confirmed.
By setting the "Click" or "Double Click" operation to "Select", after selecting, it is possible to easily confirm the same nets on a schematic by executing Check Identical Nets on Schematic.

Selecting Pins/Wires

By selecting a pin or wire, it is possible to confirm the Net Name from Property.

Check Identical Nets on Schematic

By executing [Right Click] => [Selection Method] => [Select identical Nets], it is possible to highlight (selection status) the selected Net.

About giving an arbitrary Net Name, refer to Placing Labels.