Quadcept : Creating IPC Footprints

Pad Details

It is possible to confirm pad details as a list.
You can confirm the Pad Shape, Pad No., Coordinates, and Angle, and toggle display ON/OFF.
You can also change the position for Pin 1.

About Pad Details

About Items
Item Content


Shows the Pad No.


Shows the Pad Shape.


When checked, the pad is displayed. When not checked, the pad is not displayed.


Shows the pad's X coordinate.


Shows the pad's Y coordinate.


Shows the pad's angle.


About Buttons
Button Names Content

Set as 1 Pin

The selected pin is set to Pin 1, and pin numbers are reassigned.

Set as Cathode

For components with polarity such as LEDs, the selected pin is respecified as a cathode.

Displaying the Pad Details Screen
Displaying the Pad Details Screen
The following will explain how to display the Pad Details screen.
(1) Click "Pad Details"
  The "Pad Details" screen will open.