PCB Layout CAD : DRC/MRC Settings

Route Length/Isometric Routing

By configuring Route Length Settings for Routes, and specifying the Route Tolerance during Isometric Routing, it is possible to execute "Tune Route Length", "Tune Differential Pair Route Length", and "Make Routes Isometric".
Route Length Violations and Isometric Routing Tolerance Violations are verified in the DRC.

For more details about opening the DRC/MRC Settings screen, refer to About DRC/MRC Settings.


Setting Method

First, in Settings, there is an "Assignment" tab and "Advanced Settings" tab.
The "Advanced Settings" tab is used for configuring actual settings, and the "Assignment" tab is used for configuring which settings are assigned to which Net.

About the Work Procedure

STEP 1: Configure settings in the "Advanced Settings" tab
STEP 2: Assign settings to the Net Class in the "Assignment" tab

The following will explain each setting tab.

Explanation of Each Setting Tab
Tab Name Content


It is possible to assign the "Settings" that are applied to Nets set in the "Net Class".

For example, you can create a "Power Supply Net Class (GND, VCC)" Net Class, and assign the setting for "Power Supply Net Settings".
When it is not necessary to divide settings for each Net, all Nets apply to "DefaultClass", so, assign "DefaultSetting".
* All Nets not individually assigned in the Net Class are "DefaultClass".

Advanced Settings

Configures actual settings.
Multiple definition is possible for settings.


Advanced Settings

Configure actual Route Length settings.
For more details about adding settings, refer to Adding Settings.

The following is an explanation of each operation of the Advanced Settings tab.

Route Length Settings

The following will explain how to configure Route Length Settings.

Explanation of Route Length Settings Contents

Item Name Content

Route Length Settings

When a check is placed for "Route Length Settings", Route Length can be checked using either "Route Length" or "Tolerance".

Set Route Length

Checks whether the Route Length is within the Tolerance for Basis Route Length.

Set Tolerance only

Checks whether multiple Routes are within the Tolerance.


Assignment Settings

For more details, refer to Assignment Settings.