Quadcept : Screen Layout

Displaying and Toggling Function Icons

It is possible to toggle the current screen display status, and to activate useful design functions.

The following will explain the contents of each icon.

Icon Content

Toggle Visibility of Reference

You can toggle display of component Reference ON/OFF when designing PCBs.

Toggle Net Color View

You can toggle the net color view ON/OFF when designing PCBs.

"OL" *Left side
Toggle Outline View (Plane)

You can toggle the plane from Show Plane to Show Outline when designing PCBs.
(1) Normal Display *Icon is grayed out
(2) Show Outline (Dynamic Plane) *Right half of icon is bright
(3) Show Outline (Dynamic Plane, Static Plane) * Whole icon is bright

"OL" *Right side
Toggle Outline View (All Objects)

You can toggle all objects from Show Fill to Show Outline when designing PCBs.

Online DRC

This is a function for confirming DRC settings in real-time while designing PCBs.

Stop at First Obstacle

Routing can be performed while pressing the route and plane based on the DRC Clearance Settings. (Press)
While routing, routing can be done by automatically bypassing obstacles. (Trace)

Object Snap

This is a function for snapping (snapping of the cursor) to an object that is off from the value set in GUIDE.

SPICE Attribute

You can toggle the visibility of all the SPICE attributes on a whole schematic during circuit design.