PCB Layout CAD : Routing Work

Differential Pair Routes

Differential Pair Routes is paring two signals with mirrored polarity. It has less impact on the outside, and has strong noise resistance.
When the Route Length is set in Differential Pair Settings, by using Tune Differential Pair Route Lengths, the Route Length can be adjusted by clicking on a route after routing and moving the cursor.

For more details about Differential Pair Settings, refer to Differential Pairs in DRC/MRC Settings.

There are the following menus for Differential Pair Routes.

Differential Pair Routes
Tune Differential Pair Route Lengths

Differential Pair Routes
The following will explain how to use Differential Pair Routes.
To execute Differential Pair Routes, it is necessary to configure Differential Pair Settings in advance.
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Differential Pair Routes].
  The Net Object where the Differential Pair is set will be highlighted.
  Pull the route from the highlighted Net Object.


Tune Differential Pair Route Lengths
When Differential Pair Settings is set for "Set Route Length", this is the menu for adjusting the Route Length by clicking on a route after routing and moving the cursor.
The following will explain the procedure.
(1) Select [Create PCB]
=> [Tune Route Length]
=> [Tune Differential Pair Route Lengths].
(2) Click a route.
(3) Move the cursor.
(4) Click to determine the route.
  Settings for Tune Route Length shape etc., can be configured from the Property Window.

Route Tuning Settings

Item Content

Tuning Shape

Selects a Tuning Shape.

45 Degrees Arc Corner Arc


Maximum Amplitude

Sets the Maximum Amplitude for tuning.


Sets the inner route gap.

Trimming Length

Sets the Trimming Length for inner routes.


Next, the following will explain convenient settings when using Differential Pair Routes.

Change Differential Pair Gap
Toggle Straight Routing from Pad
Via Placement Type


Change Differential Pair Gap
The Differential Pair Gap can be changed while routing.
(1) Right click
Select => [Change Differential Pair Gap].
(2) Input the Gap and then click the "OK" button.
  The gap can be change in the middle.


Toggle Straight Routing from Pad

By toggling the route pull direction from the pad, it is possible to pull the routing in a straight line so that the route in the pad bends as little as possible.
Toggle the setting if the route deteriorates when pulling Differential Pair Routes.

During Differential Pair Routing, right-click and execute [Toggle Straight Routing from Pad].

Straight Routing from Pad Enabled Straight Routing from Pad Invalid

Via Placement Type

It is possible to specify the pattern for placing Vias.

Single Row Houndstooth Check