PCB Layout CAD : Various Convenient Functions

Enable Component Editing

With the "Enable Component Editing" function, you can edit the objects in a footprint on a PCB/panel sheet during design. This is useful when you want to move a 1 pin mark or delete unnecessary silk overlapping with solder resist.

* The following objects cannot be moved or deleted.
 - Pad
 - Assembly Area  (Move is allowed.)
 - Reference         (Move is allowed.)

Enabling Component Editing
The following explains how to edit the silk in a footprint using the "Enable Component Editing" function.
(1) Check the checkbox of "Enable Component Editing".
  =>The objects in a footprint will be editable.


(2) Select a 1 pin mark overlapping with the silk of other components.


(3) Move the mark to the location where the silk does not overlap.


Delete the silk which sticks out from board outline next.


(4) Select the silk which sticks out from board outline.  
(5) Press the Delete key.  
  =>The selected silk will be deleted.  


(6) After editing a component, uncheck the checkbox of "Enable Component Editing".  
  =>The component editing mode will be canceled.  


The component edited on a PCB sheet can be detected by the DRC item, "Edit Component".

For silk editing, the "Subtract" function allowing you to cut objects is useful.