PCB Layout CAD : Import/Export STEP

Export STEP

STEP data (Standard for the Exchange of Product model data) is the ISO standard for 3D collaboration data.
It is possible to convert printed board design data that was designed in Quadcept to 3D data (STEP).

Quadcept only exports 32-bit versions for Export STEP.
A 64-bit version is currently under development.

Exporting STEP Files
The following will explain how to export STEP files. STEP files can be output in a 3D document.
For details about how to draw a PCB data in 3D, please refer to here.
(1) Select [File]
=> [Export]
=> [STEP].
(2) Click the "..." button.
(3) Input a File Name, and then click "Save".
(4) Click "OK".
(5) Click "OK".

When there are many Vias, the amount of data is large and Export STEP may fail.
In this case, remove the check for "Output Via", and then execute export.