Quadcept : About Projects

About Projects

A Project is a file that manages designed drawings such as schematics and PCBs.

In Quadcept, schematic design drawings and design drawings for PCBs must have a Project as a parent.
Schematics and PCBs stored in a project are paired so that you can confirm differences.
Therefore, in a project, References cannot overlap, but schematics, PCBs, and multiple files can be stored.

What Projects Can Do

1. Manage multiple pieces of schematic and PCB data (Export Netlist)
2. Link schematics and PCBs (Extract Differences, Forward Annotation, Back Annotation)
3. Store files related to projects (Netlists, BOMs, Gerber Files, etc.)
4. Manage and print files for each project
5. Extract differences between new and old schematics and PCB drawings


Project Window

The first operation for starting design work is to create a Project.

Project operations can be executed from the "Project Window".

Project Configuration

Basic Project Operations

Projects require referencing to registered Project Files.
First, from the Project Window, execute registration from "Open", and then execute the operation.