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Assigning Footprints (Assigning PCB Components)

Assigned footprints can be batch registered for components used on schematics.
For "Resistors" and "Condensers", etc., that use the same footprint, batch assignment is possible using Multiple Selection.
This greatly reduces the work time needed for registering individual footprints.


Using share (Component Shared Library), it is possible to use "Footprints" prepared for Quadcept.

Assigning Footprints
The following will explain how to assign all footprints for components on schematics as a batch.
(1) Open the schematic that is target for footprint assignment.
=> Even when multiple schematics are registered in the same project, you can open any of the schematics.
(2) Select [Edit]
=> [Assign Footprint].

=> The Assign Footprint dialog will open.
(3) Select a component from the list of components placed on the schematic.
=> For Multiple Selection, it is possible to reflect all.
(4) From the Footprint List, select the footprint that you want to assign, and then press the Assignment button.
=> It is also possible to assign by selecting and double-clicking another footprint.
(5) The footprint is added to the Component List.
=> The displayed footprint will become an active footprint when it is transferred to the PCB.

* For Assign Footprint, multiple registration can be executed for a single component. It is possible to switch as an Alternate Component from the PCB side.

If the Pin Count between the component and footprint is different, "X" is displayed in the Pin Alignment list.
Confirm whether there is a mistake with the footprint.